I'm Going Home

Jean Panella   3 years ago • @DOW

I am standing for vast healing for all. There is nothing like breathing in and contemplating the gift of the ancestors with gratitude. And there is a need to acknowledge their humanity. I attended a talk by Malidoma Patrice Some years ago in San Diego. He said that it was ok to be angry at your Ancestors and to tell them so. I’ll never forget when a woman in the audience raised her hand and said, “What if you’re angry with other people’s Ancestors?” Both the notion that Malidoma presented and the woman’s question rocked me to my core. And I have had the experience of expressing deep and profound gratitude for the Ancestor’s journeys and declaring to end any negative patterns handed down.

There is an amazing song by Pure Fe titled “Going Home.” It is potent and worth a listen. She sings of the Ancestors and says, “return their prayers that run through our veins, return their prayers and heal their pain . . . “ I will pass this wisdom on to my Grandson .

Thank you for sharing Amanda’s wisdom. And for yours always.




Ed Blakely   3 years ago • @Blakelyglobal

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