Family Footage from Washington

Hey all! I wanted to share some video I posted today of my grandfather and his family in 1930s Washington. I think it's pretty neat to see places I know so well in a different time.

You can find the video here:

Has your family left you footage and photos like this? Does it make you think about your own legacy? We document so much of our lives now, but how much of it will survive to reach our grandkids?

Melinda Minch   4 years ago • @melinda

Melinda Minch   4 years ago • @melinda

It’s not online, but a few years back I helped repair a very old Super-8 camera that was hanging around my in-laws’ house, and was rewarded with video of, among other things, the first public ski slope that was opened in Turkey! It was a fun and surprising find.

Melinda Minch   4 years ago • @melinda

I just watched your video and it was really fun to see the trip on the Black Ball from Port Angeles to go see Butchart Gardens and Beacon Hill Park!

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