How Cinema Impacts Culture

A thread for the discussion of film and its influence on how we view ourselves, other people, and the world.

Kirk Torren Smith   4 years ago • @Kirk

Being a card-carrying fan of cinema, I have pondered this question quite awhile now but think I’ve finally something to contribute to the topic: In the early days of the medium, other than the general ‘spectacle’ of it all (and perhaps the atypical broader influence of a select few such as Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis,” William Cameron Menzies “Things to Come,” and/or Lewis Milestone’s “All Quiet on the Western Front”) it seems that by and large the cultural impact of cinema remained relatively isolated to the culture from which they were produced. It wasn’t until its broader global distribution-a 21st century industry that promotes offerings from such diverse countries as Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Canada (and of course the United States)-where one’s cultural lenses might actually have received a significant “change of prescription” as a result…?


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R.M. Phillips   2 years ago • @Bonspy

Good comments, with accurate observations.

Cinema does have some significant impact on cultures around the globe. It creates trends in a variety of different imarkets. Fashion, automotive, and other businesses are all touched by movies and their influences.

Rose K   2 years ago • @Coffeerose55

Yes ,Cinema does have a global impact . I truly HATE how Black women are casted in cinema,then again that community needs a paradigm shift and a change in there narrative. There is a small microcosm of very elegant black women nothing that resembles that hip hop rap crap sad to say.

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